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The Agent Referral Program

Welcome to the second step in your journey toward keeping a presence in the real estate industry.  Keep your real estate license with us and make money without selling! We manage the process and pay you a referral fee.

What is the Partner Agent Program?

This program is an invitation to join the St. Louis Real Estate Advisor team. You will appear active in the team, but hold your real estate license inactive referral status. It is the best of both worlds. You are able to appear active, but in reality take a break from real estate.

Matt and Mary can explain more in the video to the left


  • You are able to maintain an active presence in real estate.

  • The ability to focus your energy toward other areas of your life. Try out other life situations such as stay at home parent, retirement or quitting real estate for another career without having to close the door fully.

  • Work with a successful team.  

  • Reference all of our social media.

  • Continuing business development: We can provide resources to stay in touch throughout the year with your SOI such as client appreciation events.

  • Invitations to team events and sponsored continuing education.

  • Collect a referral commission without having to do any paperwork.

  • What can be better than passive income?

  •  You can refer entire organizations (companies, associations, etc.)

  • You do not pay real estate association fees.

  • You do not pay MLS fees.

  • You do not pay errors and omissions insurance.

  • Receive a higher referral split than is typically offered from anyone else in the area.

  • Unique client tracking program so that you can receive regular updates on the process to keep yourself informed.

  • Passive income/earnings: One of the most important reasons to participate.... 35% referral paid out.

  • Dust off your earning potential

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How does it work?

  • The first step is to meet with a member of our team to discuss the details and answer any of your questions.

  • We will come up with a plan so that you can stay up to date on your education requirements.

  • We will create a marketing campaign to keep in touch with your sphere of influence.

  • When a person contacts you about listing or buying a home, then you will act as a facilitator. You will introduce and set up the meeting with the client.  A member of our team will handle all the details of the transaction, allowing you to check in whenever your schedule allows to make sure the client is happy.

  • After closing, We will send the client a gift and send you a referral fee.  This allows you to keep a visible presence in real estate without all the day to day work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still have to do continuing education?

You are required to do any continuing education that the state requires for a license in referral status.  This is easily accomplished online. We can help you coordinate your options.

What do you need from me when I make a referral?

Please email or call us the basic information needed to start the transaction.  Send us an email with your name as the referring agent and then the name and contact information of the client that you are referring.  If needed, please also include any information that might be helpful (ex. time frame, search area, etc.)  We can also work with you to design a marketing campaign.

How much does it cost?

There are no fees to join our team. The only costs are those that are required by the state to keep an updated license in referral. As you grow with our team, we can discuss future ways to save money such as reimbursement for continuing education classes.

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