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All About our Program...

We love to see the excitement on the faces of our clients when they close on their home.  They tell us about all the plans they have with their new space.  New Paint. Updating the bathroom.  A Garden full of vegetables.  

We created this program to serve our clients that have closed on a home with us.  We noticed that many clients often have questions and seek advise long after the sale.

To help and advise these clients, we have created the Home Concierge Program.  This is a free invitation only program to help those with questions about their home.

There is absolutely no obligation to be a part of the program.

If you received an invitation, you will be notified of free services, special discounts and much more.

You can check this website to RSVP for a free service.

Why are we doing this? Yes, we are very busy, but we miss the connection that we have with you during the buying process.  This gives us a way to periodically check in with you to see all the wonderful progress and improvements you have made with your home.   

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